Einführung/Introduction Madagaskar

Madagaskar ist eine Insel im Indischen Ozean, sie liegt vierhundert Kilometer von der Küste Ostafrikas entfernt. Madagaskar zählt zu den größten Inseln weltweit und erstreckt sich über 1.580 Kilometer von Norden nach Süden. Die Ost-West-Ausdehnung umfasst 600 Kilometer. Zur Topographie: Im Norden gibt es Hügelland und im Zentrum der Insel ein Hochplateau (1200-1500 Meter). Hochebenen erstrecken sich im Osten, Westen und Süden.

Weitere Informationen zum Klimwandel/-schutz auf Madagaskar

The country of Madagascar is an island situated 400 km off the east coast of Africa, separated from the mainland by the Mozambique Channel. It is the fourth large island, stretching 1,580 km from north to south and 600 km from east to west, with a coastline of about 5,000 km. The topography is varied; hilly in the north and in the central part of the island (high plateaus with altitude between 1,200 and 1,500 metres) and plains in the east, west and south. 

Source: http://www.sadc.int/member-states/madagascar/  

Climate Watch Data / Klimadaten: Madagaskar

Source: SDG Linkages Northrop, E., H. Biru, S. Lima, M. Bouye, and R. Song. 2016. “Examining the Alignment Between the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and Sustainable Development Goals.” Working Paper. Washington, DC: World Resources Institute. Available online at: www.climatewatchdata.org

Governmental Policies / Klimapolitik der Regierung

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UNFCCC Madagascar: Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC)

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UNFCCC: Madgascar, national communication 2

UNFCCC: Madagascar, national adaptation plan

UNFCCC: Assessing the impacts of climate change on Madagascar's biodiversity and livelihoods

Climate Change Laws: Madagascar

Climate Rights: Madagascar

Prevention Web: Health and climate change, country profile 2021, Madagascar

Meteo Madagascar

WHO: Climate and health contry profile

World Bank: Climate Change Knowledge Portal: Madagascar

Klimafinanzierung, Programm Schutz und nachhaltige Nutzung natürlicher Ressourcen - Madagaskar

FAO: Climate-smart agriculture in Madagascar

UNDP: Adaptation Madagascar - Enhancing adaptation capacities and resilience

UNDP Adaptation Fund - Madagascar promoting climate resiliance - rice sector

UNICEF: Improving climate change resilience in Madagascar

UNEP: Ecosystem-based adaptation in Madagascar

Reliefweb: Madagascar

Reliefweb: Madagascar: Drought - Aug 2018

Reliefweb: Strenghtening the adaptation and resilience of rural communities facing climate change in Madagascar

Reliefweb: It will be too late to help us once we are dead: The human rights impact of climate change in drought-stricken southern Madagascar

BMZ: Was Landwirtinnen und Landwirte dem Klimawandel entgegensetzen können

GIZ: Madagaskar: Anpassung der Landwirtschaft an den Klimawandel

GIZ: Sustainable management of natural resources

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USAID: Climate change and environment

USAID: Madagascar: Building urban resilience to climate change

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WFP in Madagascar

WB: Coping with drought through cash transfers in Southern Madagascar

Overall Orange Alert Drought for Madagascar-2018

DICF.UNEPGRID: Climate change, Madagascar


NGOs / NROs and experts on climate change


Amnesty International: Report: Human rights impact, climate change, drought, Madagascar

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WWF: Das bedrohte Paradies

GEF: Adapting Coastal Zone Management to Climate Change in Madagascar Considering Ecosystem and Livelihoods

IISD: IPC-IG Publishes Brief on Climate Change, Farming and Gender in Madagascar

Bioclimatic envelope models predict a decrease in tropical forest carbon stocks with climate change in Madagascar

International Red Cross/Climate Centre: Dissolving disasters in Madagascar

CARE International: Madagascar - climate change

Scientific Research: The management of forest and deforestation, mitigatiion, and adaptation of climate change in Madagascar

AFZ: Beispiel Madagaskar: Ursachen und Entwickliung der Entwaldung

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Forest4ClimateandPeople: Madagascar holds a pre-COP to prepare for Glasgow

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African Arguments: Cyclones, climmate crises, Madagascar


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