NGOs / NRO and experts on climate change

Tanzanian Civil Society Forum on Climate Change - Forum CC

Natural Resource Forum

Climate Action Network - Tanzania

TNRF: Climate Change

NRF - Tanzania REDD Photo Stories

NRF - Tanzania REDD Radio Programme

Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in Drylands Development Planning in Tanzania

Pastoralist Program

OARE: Research in the Environment

Exploring sustainable low carbon development pathways - Mapping of initiatives 

Forum CC: Donor dependence and underfunding hampering climate financing in Tanzania

CICERO: Tanzania - Climate change policy analysis

CICERO: Monitoring and evaluation - User satisfaction with climate services

CCIAM: REED architecture in Tanzania - Assessment

CMI: Governance consideratons REDD+ in Tanzania

KAS: Klimareport Tansania

Tanzania Network: Habari, Klimawandel, Klimafinanzierung und Klimagerechtigkeit

Klimaretter: Tansania und Klimawandel

VEN: Klimawandel Tansania - abgeschlossene Projekte

IIED: REDD+ pilot projects lessons learned

IEED: Making REDD+ work for communities and forests

ODI: Public spending on climate change- Experiences

ISS: Adaptation Funds REDD und FDM - Corruption

CDKN Future Climate Africa: Tanzania - Weather and climate information for decision-making

CDKN: Develpment Goals - Renewable energy - Tanzania

CDKN: Working together for REDD+

DowntoEarth: As Tanzania’s Lake Rukwa continues to dry up, NGOs focus on sensitising locals

CCFS/CGIAR: Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management in Tanzania: A Gender Policy Review

CCAFS/CGIAR: Climate Smart Agriculture in Tanzania main messages

CCFS/CGIAR: Private Sector Actions to Enable Climate-Smart Agriculture in Small-Scale Farming in Tanzania

CCFS/CGIAR: Barriers to successful climate change policy implementation in Tanzania

CCFS/CGIAR: Uptake and dissemination pathways for climate-smart agriculture technologies and practices in Lushoto, Tanzania

Tobacco cultivation as a driver of land use change and degradation in the miombo woodlands of south west Tanzania

Climate change and coastal resources in Tanzania

Climate change awareness – secondary schools Buggy, Conor J.; McGlynn, Gale

Agriculture & Food Security: Climate change and food

SSRN: Non-state actors, climate change adaptation

NAI: Rainmaking and climate change

UNU-Our World: How Tanzania plans to light up a million homes with solar power

IIED: Tanzania – remote but productive – rural energy production

IIED: Responding to climate change in Tanzania, Strengthening dryland governance planning

Energy Policy: The sun rises in the East, Solar energy markets in Kenya and Tanzania

Tanzania Journal of Agricultural Sciences: Climate Change and Food Security in Tanzania: Analysis of Current Knowledge and Research Gaps

Building Livelihoods Resilience in the Face of Climate Change: Case Study of Small-Holder Farmers in Tanzania

Sustainable Food Production Systems for Climate Change Mitigation: Indigenous Rhizobacteria for Potato Bio-fertilization in Tanzania

Adaptation of Seaweed Farmers in Zanzibar to the Impacts of Climate Change

Pathways to Enhance Climate Change Resilience among Pastoral Households in Northern Tanzania



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