Einführung/Introduction South Africa

Die Republik Südafrika erstreckt sich vom Limpopo-Fluss im Norden bis ans Kap der guten Hoffnung im Südwesten. Die Fläche des Staates umfasst 1.219.090 km². Innerhalb der Staatsgrenzen liegt das Königreich Lesotho, ein kleiner Binnenstaat in den Drakensbergen, und an der Grenze zu Mosambik das Königreich Swaziland. Neben Hochgebirge und Halbwüsten sind große Landesteile Hochplateaus. Die Niederschlagsverteilung im Land hängt von der Jahreszeit und Höhenlage ab. Südafrikas Küsten erstrecken sich über 2.968 Kilometer entlang des Atlantik und des Indischen Ozeans.

Thematische Einführung: Südafrika, der Klimawandel und die Rolle Deutschlands

The Republic of South Africa occupies the southernmost part of the African continent stretching from the Limpopo River in the north to Cape Agulhas in the south. Covering an area of 1,219,090 km², the country shares borders with Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe in the north, and with Swaziland and Mozambique in the north east. It also entirely surrounds the Kingdom of Lesotho. To the west, south and east, South Africa borders the Atlantic and southern Indian oceans. The country’s coastline covers some 2,968 km. Lying 1,920 km south east of Cape Town in the Atlantic Ocean are the isolated Prince Edward and Marion islands.

Source: http://www.sadc.int/member-states/south-africa/ 


Climate Watch Data / Klimadaten: Südafrika

Source: SDG Linkages Northrop, E., H. Biru, S. Lima, M. Bouye, and R. Song. 2016. “Examining the Alignment Between the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and Sustainable Development Goals.” Working Paper. Washington, DC: World Resources Institute. Available online at: www.climatewatchdata.org

Governmental Policies / Klimapolitik der Regierung

UNFCCC/South Africa: Initial national communication under the UNFCCC

UNFCCC: South Africa's First Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC)

UNFCCC/Dept. of Env. Affairs - South African second national communication to the UNFCCC

UNFCCC: South Africa: Third national communication to the UNFCCC March 2019

UNFCCC: South Africa: 4th biennial update report to the UNFCCC April 2021

The Presidency, Republic of South Africa: South Africa's Just Energy Transition Investment Plan JETIP (2023-2027)

South African Government: Carbon Tax Act

Dept. of Forestry, Fisheries, Env. Affairs: National Climate Change Bill

Dept. of Env. Affairs: National climate change response white paper

South Africa: National Climate Change Response Green Paper

South Africa: National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, Draft

UNFCCC: South Africa submits climate action plan ahead of 2015 Paris agreement

Dept. of Env. Affairs: Minister B. Creecy leads South Africa's delegation to UNFCCC COP 25 in Spain

GVO: Foresty, fisheries and environment welcomes outcome of UNFCCC's COP 26

GOV: South Africa welcomes COP 27 outcomes

GOV: Minister Barbara Creecy: Address on pathways to 2030 during UNFCCC Pre-COP 28 ministerial meeting

Presidential Climate Commission: Recommendations on NDC 2021

Presidential Climate Commission: A framework for a just transition in South Africa

Presidential Climate Commission: Just transition framework

LSE/GRI: South Africa Climate Change Laws

LSE/GRI: Climate Change Policies

Climate Policy Initiative: South African climate finance landscape 2023

Climate Policy Initiative: South Africa

NBI: Climate finance landscape South Africa 2022

Dept. of Mineral Resources and Energy: Integrated Resource Plan 2019


Dept. of Env. Affairs: South African Weather Service

South African Weather Service: Climate Services

South African Weather Service: South African Climate Change Reference Atlas

Dept. Science and Technol.: Risk and vulnerability atlas - Current and future climate

World Bank: Climate Change Knowledge Portal - South Africa

WIDER, UNU: Potential impacts of climate change on national water supply in South Africa

Climate and Development: South African water governance

Ecology and Society: Water governance reforms

Urban planning/municipalities: Green book, adapting settlements for the future, climate resiliant settlements

Local Government Climate Change Support Program

South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas

Carbon Brief Profile: South Africa

Dept. Science and Innovation: South Africa and Germany agree to cooperate on research towards the just energy transition

Adaptation Fund - Building resiliance in the Greater uMngeni Catchment, KwaZulu-Natal

Adaptation Fund - Taking adaptation to the ground - small grants - Limpopo - Northern Cape

Adaptation Fund: Adaptation Story – South Africa, Namaqualand


City of Johannesburg - Climate change action plan 2021

Environmental Strategy Implementation and Environmental Management Department at the City of Cape Town to develop climate risk narratives

Links between Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Development in Land Policy and Ecosystem Restoration Projects: Lessons from South Africa

GOV South Africa SANBI: climate change - agriculture

As South Africa’s carbon tax is delayed again what is the story so far?

USAID: South Africa climate change country policy




NGOs / NROs and experts on Climate Change

Environmental Monitoring Group EMG: Climate Change

Environmental Monitoring Group EMG: Rooibos and Climate Change

Ground Work

Groundwork: Energy Democracy Project

Groundwork: Contested transition

Indigo Development and Change

Indigo Develpment and Change - Resources

Climate and Energy Justice Campaign

Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute

FairFinanceSouthern Africa

EarthlifeAfrica/Groundwork/Centre for Environmental Rights: Life after coal campaign

Natural Justice: Resources and research - South Africa

One Million Climate Jobs

SWOP/FES: Climate change and the just transition from coal

Handbook climate change negotiations - African CSO involvement - HBS

HBS: Jugendbewegung für Klimagerechtigkeit, African Climate Alliance

HBS: Talking about green hydrogen

HBS: Green hydrogen frontier, Neocolonialism greenwashing or just transition

Climate Theatre - ClimateConscious

Fridays for Future - South Africa

Adaptation Network

Adaptation Network - Development

Adaptation Network - Research

WITS: Climate change and global sustainability resources

WITS: Climate Change LibGuides, Research/Resources, Africa

ACDI UCT: African Climate and Development Initiative - Research

Climate Systems Analysis Group UCT - Research

COBENEFITS/IASS: Studies and infographics - South Africa

COBENEFITS: COP 25, 2019, Briefing, Making the Paris Agreement a success for the planet and the people of South Africa

COBENEFITS: From coal to renewables in Mpumalanga

ERAEnvironment: Paris agreement, commitments too late and too weak

Africa Check Drought - South Africa

SAMJ: Climate change and adolescents in South Africa: Youth activism and the health sector

SAIIA: Exploring the potential role of the IMF in supporting South Africa's just transition

SAIIA: New South African climate diplomacy G7, G20 and beyond

SAIIA: Enhancing nationally determined contributions across the SADC region

SAIIA: COP 28 South African Youth statement

SAIIA/Engeneering News: How themes at COP 28 will centre on climate financing and support

SAIIA: Shelter from the storm, climate-accelerated urbanisation in South Africa

SAIIA: Climate change, adaptation, drought, agriculture Western Cape

SAIIA: Climate change, drought, water

SANBI - Climate change and agriculture

Climate Action Partnership

AGREKON: Vulnerability to climate change, smallholder farmers in the Eastern Cape

UNU-WIDER: Socioeconomic impacts of energy and climate policies in South Africa

UNU-WIDER: Potentical impacts of climate change on national water supply in South Africa

UNU-WIDER: South Africa's electricity crisis, macroeconomic, macro sectoral and fiscal consequences and policy action required

Centre for Environmental Rights

Climate Justice Charter Movement

Oxfam: Climate change South Africa

African Climate Alliance

Research - biodiversity narratives under a changing climate in Durban

Towards developing a common language for climate change in the City of Cape Town

The influence of atmospheric rivers over the South Atlantic on winter rainfall in South Africa

Agricultural groundwater management strategies and seasonal climate forecasting: perceptions from Mogwadi (Dendron), Limpopo, South Africa

Farm dweller precarity in South Africa's changing agrarian economy and climate

Exploring long-term livelihood and landscape change in two semi-arid sites

AfricaPortal/IFPRI: Southern African agriculture and climate change - South Africa

LSE/Grantham Institute: Governance of climate change policy, A case study of South Africa

LSE/Grantham Institute: Inequality and growth impacts of climate change, Insights from South Africa

LSE/Grantham Institute: Climate change labour availability and the future of gender inequality in South Africa

Climate Adaptation Start-ups

Sustainable Energy Africa: Multi-level climate governance in South Africa

Agroecology and Climate Change Adaptation: Farmers’ Experiences in the South African Lowveld

TIPS: Local government toolbox for a just energy transition

TIPS: Just transition in South Africa, the case for a gender just approach

Energy Transition: Can the South Africa`s Just Transition close the energy sectors gender gap?

M&G, Life after Coal Alliance, 350Africa.org et al.: Implementing just transition, Civil society has a crucial role to play

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